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Did you know that there is nothing more important than exit and the hill?
posted: Apr 9th, 2016 Wind tunnels and indoor training as a relevant tool for formation skydiving competitors have been the topic of many stories posted by the SUN PATH PRODUCTS NSL NEWS over the years. I have added several Turning Points columns to cover this territory, which keeps growing every year. It will continue to grow and bring beautiful things to the skydiving world - and by that I mean the skydiving world where you jump from airplanes. There is one downer though that I have seen often, especially when teams and competitors transition back from intensive indoor training to their home DZs and try to apply... (more)

Did you know that a Phalanx interrupted Arizona Airspeed's training?
posted: Apr 8th, 2016 The situation for Arizona Airspeed in the run-up to the World Championship of Formation Skydiving at the Mondial 2016 has been difficult enough, and it does not get any easier. The reigning 4-way world champions from Belgium, NMP PCH Hayabusa, replaced Tail Roy Janssen with Jeroen "Bob" Nollet after winning the gold medals in Prostejov 2014 and continued without much of a setback at all. They lost their first meet with the new lineup, the 5th Dubai International Parachuting Championship, against the bronze medalist of 2014, Evolution, and then never looked back to win all other meets ever since. NMP... (more)

Did you know that the Golden Knights beat NMP PCH Hayabusa first?
posted: Apr 7th, 2016 The Sun Path Products NSL News mentioned during the live coverage from the World Challenge 2016 that the 35-pointer of the French FLY-IN Girls in Round 5 was the first time that a female lineup tied a score of a reigning 4-way Open Class world champion. It was actually only the first time at a meet where both teams appeared on the same leaderboard. The Golden Knights had gone even a step further when they outscored NMP PCH Hayabusa in Round 6 at the 1st FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships last year. Golden Knights and Hayabusa competed in different categories, even though they performed... (more)

Did you know that Texas has two new 4-way teams at iFLY Houston?
posted: Apr 6th, 2016 The coverage of the Indoor Cloud League activities in March suffered severely, as the focus of the Sun Path Products NSL News was on the three recent major events: Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2016, Shamrock Showdown 2016 and World Challenge 2016. Additional indoor events (Aerokart Boot Comp 2016, Canadian Indoor Nationals) required additional attention, as well. The March leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League is almost complete, only a few scores and videos are still missing. iFLY Seattle added scores and videos for all six categories, while iFLY Houston improved the scores for the AAA... (more)

Did you know that Canada has a very strong contender for world meet medals after the World Challenge?
posted: Apr 5th, 2016 The discussion of the female 4-way category began when the competition was completed. Satori XL's Julia Swallow and SDC Rhythm XP's JaNette Lefkowitz participated in the podium discussion after completing their own ten rounds in the Open Class at the World Challenge 2016. The category in question had five teams on the leaderboard, while the strongest one, the French FLY-IN Girls, competed in the Open Class. They disregarded the opportunity to finish in 1st place in 4-way Women and took the 2nd place on the other leaderboard instead, with an average that was significantly higher (28.6 - 23.2)... (more)

Did you know that the World Challenge aftermath begins with the best videos and a critical topic?
posted: Apr 4th, 2016 The aftermath of the World Challenge 2016 begins with the InTime meet videos of the two teams on the top of the AAA Class leaderboard, NMP PCH Hayabusa and French FLY-IN Girls. Nothing was less surprising than the Belgian indoor and outdoor 4-way world champions in 1st place, and nothing was more impressive than the 2nd place for the French FLY-IN Girls on the AAA Open Class leaderboard. The only Hayabusa question mark was behind the actual scores. The 32.0 average is the highest indoor average ever in a 16-foot flying chamber for a 10-round meet. It is a fact that only Arizona Airspeed might... (more)

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