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Did you know that Juniors can fly tunnel circles around Seniors?
posted: Jul 11th, 2015 We've seen this before... It was September 2013 the last time I brought our strange system of competition categories to the public attention. Then I gave up and settled with my passion and respect for the other gender: "So I just gave up my logical reasoning and decided to love the girls and their female 4-way category." Nothing has changed for me — except we are now facing a similar situation, and we are about to miss another golden opportunity. Kids and teenagers and their parents on 4-way teams have caught my attention — and my full support — since the first wind tunnels were used... (more)

Did you know that French Girls and Golden Knights connect in a friendly rivalry?
posted: Jul 10th, 2015 The first scores of the complete new French Girls lineup at the Coupe de France competition last weekend continues to be in the center of the Sun Path Products NSL News attention. This time, Golden Knights coach Solly Williams presents the perspective from the US Army position. He has observed the progression of the Golden Knights and the team's pursuit of the top spot in 4-way Women for several years before he became directly involved in 2014. The Sun Path Products NSL News invited Solly Williams to discuss the French scores in the DeLand office live on NSL-TV. He accepted without hesitation,... (more)

Did you know that the Indoor Cloud League June competition was almost a duel between SkyVenture Montreal and Hurricane Factory?
posted: Jul 9th, 2015 The leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League for the month of June is complete, even though four scores and videos from SkyVenture New Hampshire are missing. Brian Touhey had results in four categories and could not resolve technical issues to make the videos available. The BEST OF THE MONTH video features once again the teams with the highest scores in each of the six ICL categories. This time, it was almost a duel between the Hurricane Factory and SkyVenture Montreal. Only iFLY Dallas was able to interfere with the two strongest ICL teams and captured the highscore for the R Class sequence. Player... (more)

Did you know that Mathieu Bernier is the new French national coach?
posted: Jul 8th, 2015 The most recent update from France, including the scores of the second Coupe de France competition this year, was followed by additional news related to the topic. National coach Jérémie Rollett informed the Sun Path Products NSL News that he puts the responsibility for the French Formation Skydiving delegation into the hands of a new former 4-way and 8-way world champion beginning this month. Mathieu Bernier will now guide the French delegation to the next World Championship of Formation Skydiving in 2016. Jérémie Rollett was the successor of Jerome David who had finished his coaching... (more)

Did you know that the Bad Boys completed 23 jumps with coach David Grauwels?
posted: Jul 7th, 2015 The Bad Boys from the Czech Republic have been the national 4-way team since they won the country's championship title in 2013. The previous Czech national team Sky Service/Sky Walkers/Lize had retired after the Mondial Dubai 2012, and Jan Lukavec continued with the Bad Boys. The Bad Boys have still not competed yet as the Czech national team at a World Championship of Formation Skydiving. Only former Sky Service/Sky Walkers/Lize member Jan Lukavec has this experience, while Vaclav Prokes, Marian Jeziak, Jan Klapka and Jaroslav Smitka (Alternate) missed their opportunity last year on home turf. Inside... (more)

Did you know that iFLY Orlando posted the first Indoor Cloud League scores for July?
posted: Jul 6th, 2015 The first Indoor Cloud League scores and videos for the July sequences are coming from iFLY Orlando, while the June leaderboard is still open for another day. The first July event of the Florida Skydiving League team brought together a smaller group than usual, as the goal was different for this FSL Tunnel Kicker. The focus was set on training of individual flying skills, and the participants were flying in smaller groups most of the time. However, the last two flying sessions of the tunnel night last Thursday were still assigned to the goal of collecting the first scores for July's Indoor... (more)

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