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Did you know that Florida added 24 points to iFLY Orlando's Indoor Cloud League account?
posted: Apr 25th, 2015 Florida's Indoor Cloud League team came back together at iFLY Orlando last Thursday to work on the six sequences for the month of April. Result of the ICL night was the addition of 24 points to the iFLY Orlando account. Four different lineups took on the six sequences and had once again an internal competition, as well. Three of the lineups actually performed the same three sequences (AA - A - RRR) that night, and there was a good race in those categories for the internal upper hand. DeLand Momentum was back after performing at the previous... (more)

Did you know that NSL-TV goes back to the 8-way competition at Paraclete?
posted: Apr 24th, 2015 There are still stories and footage of the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2015 that have not been used for updates yet. No events were scheduled for this week, and it offers an opportunity for the Sun Path Products NSL News to catch up. An earlier update on March 10th introduced the colorful international lineup of Veloce QRF, the team in 2nd place of the 8-way competition. The update included the video of the team's competition rounds. However, the best 8-way... (more)

Did you know that the Chatterchicks won the AA Class competition not only in Round 3?
posted: Apr 23rd, 2015 The Sun Path Products NSL News brought the UK team Chatterchicks to the attention of the audience with the story on 4 February 2015. It was a preview of the World Challenge 2015, and the all-female lineup was considered one of the medal contenders in the AA Class competition. It turned out that the Chatterchicks were not only in medal contention. They won the competition with a 17.2 average in a 14-team field. It was a AA Class world meet, as the 14 teams... (more)

Did you know that Larry Miller is back with the Golden Knights?
posted: Apr 22nd, 2015 The Sun Path Products NSL News reported on 11 March 2015 that the reigning 8-way world champions of 2012 and 2014, the Golden Knights, were facing a new and very challenging situation. Personnel changes of the US Army team and a new French 8-way lineup for 2016 both happened surprisingly and "turned the tables" almost over-night. Six weeks later, the Golden Knights are back in 8-way training, and things have changed for the better on the US side. Larry Miller, 8-way world champion of 2012 and 2014, was granted permission to come back from... (more)

Did you know that the 2015 race has begun for the British AAA Class teams?
posted: Apr 21st, 2015 The results and placings of the World Challenge 2015 have always provided a preview of the situation in the United Kingdom at the beginning of a new outdoor competition season, and the results at the UK Nationals have often been a mirror of the World Challenge leaderboard. This year offers once again a very interesting situation on the top of the internal UK leaderboard after the World Challenge. Voodoo, the reigning UK 4-way champion, won again quite easily. Coach Gary Smith was in the lineup this time, while Voodoo's... (more)

Did you know that Thunder ISR and SportLoto fought the same battle in Bedford with a different result?
posted: Apr 20th, 2015 The leaderboard of the World Challenge 2015 always features many battles between teams who do not necessarily compete for medals and cash. One of them has been going on between two world class teams for several years. SportLoto from Russia and Thunder ISR from Belgium were formed at about the same time and both attended the World Challenge for the first time in 2011. Some of the team members had competed in Bedford before with other teams. SportLoto members Egor Gusev and Andrew Kharitonov were Kaktus Hunters at previous... (more)

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