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Did you know that there is a horse race for slots in Round 10?
posted: Sep 10th, 2015 Thursday morning at the FAI World Cup 2015 is dedicated to 4-way competition, and the 8-way teams will follow in the afternoon. Event organizer Mike Pennock said that he plans to complete three rounds (6 - 8) and then have the semifinal (9) and final (10) rounds on Friday. The first 4-way load took off as scheduled at 8 am. The weather was perfect, with blue skies and light winds. The temperatures were on the lower side, as the new NSL-TV video clip shows, and there was still no reason for any delays. Today's three rounds are important for several teams. There is a cut after Round 8, and... (more)

Did you know that everything is on schedule at the FAI World Cup 2015?
posted: Sep 9th, 2015 Everything is on schedule at the FAI World Cup 2015. It is in fact quite impressive how the host calmly deals with all obstacles that he has to deal with. The weather has not been cooperating perfectly at all. Rain, clouds and morning fog caused delays and interruptions, while the restricted air space near Amsterdam's international airport in Schiphol requires very close cooperation and coordination with the control tower of the very highly frequented airport. The management of the Paracentrum Teuge is simply used to work closely together with the commercial air traffic control on a regular... (more)

Did you know that the French Girls are once again looking at the Open Class leaderboard?
posted: Sep 9th, 2015 The 4-way teams don't have a Super Sequence in their 10-round draw at the FAI World Cup 2015, such as it came out for the first two rounds in 8-way. However, the 4-way Women lineup of the Golden Knights will just be as sad as the US 8-way team about missing the competition in Teuge. French Girls and Golden Knights both were eager to show each other and the audience where they currently stand on the long road to the Mondial 2016 at Skydive Chicago. The Golden Knights were in a strong pole position, according to the audience and the results of the World Cup poll (78% - 22%) before the trip... (more)

Did you know that Round 2 turned out to be even faster than Round 1 in 8-way?
posted: Sep 9th, 2015 The preview of the first rounds in 8-way at the FAI World Cup 2015 was exciting enough, and the speculations were running wild, whether the sequence would be fast enough for a new world record or not. It turned out that it was not the right sequence at the right time. French 8-way world champion of 2006, 2008 and 2010, Clement Martin Saint Leon, was correct when he said that his team is not ready to score higher than 31 at this point in time. It could have been different if the same sequence came in Round 10... However, the French 8-way team was not done with scoring on the top level after... (more)

Did you know that Round 1 in 8-way is a world record opportunity?
posted: Sep 8th, 2015 It was the Sun Path Products NSL News story on August 25th, 2014, that evaluated the chances whether the Golden Knights would be able to break the standing 31-pointer world record for a single round that they have owned since 1997. The topic came up when the competition draw at the FAI World Meet 2014 included the sequence M,4,1 in Round 4 of the 8-way competition. The Golden Knights are not in Teuge for the FAI World Cup 2015 after the trip was canceled on a very short notice. The 4-way Women lineup of the US Army team and the 8-way team are not only missing the opportunity to take on the... (more)

Did you know that Gary Smith and Joey Jones started the World Cup's Coaches Corner?
posted: Sep 8th, 2015 Two rounds have been completed in 4-way Open at the FAI World Cup 2015, and the judges are finishing off the 4-way work with a few missing videos and the four teams in 4-way Women. The French Girls matched the second highest score behind NMP-PCH Hayabusa with the 21-pointer for Round 1 and outscored the French Open Class lineup by a point. Hayabusa lost a point in Round 1 and was only one point ahead. However, the Belgians picked up the pace in Round 2 and left the rest of the field in the dust. Russia's Black Cat lineup is still 2nd place, one point ahead of the new French Open Class lineup.... (more)

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