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Did you know that only Black Cat is safely in 3rd place?
posted: Dec 11th, 2015 The four Formation Skydiving leaderboards of the World Air Games 2015 were still not complete at the time of the previous Sun Path Products NSL News update. Four of the seven qualified teams in 4-way Open got their Round 9 out of the way at the end of the day. It is not clear yet who will be the last four teams in the finals, as the other three teams have to follow up tomorrow. Black Cat and Dubai Asaar Black were called to the planes for Round 8 in 8-way, while Evolution had to switch to Round 7 in 4-way VFS. Black Cat will take back the 3rd place tomorrow and then secure the bronze medals... (more)

Did you know that Friday was a busy day at the World Air Games?
posted: Dec 11th, 2015 Things have been moving quickly at the World Air Games 2015, as soon as the weather allowed the teams to get back in the air. Three rounds were completed in 4-way Open and 4-way Women on Friday, and both events are ready for the first cut. The official rules reduce the number of teams to six after Round 8. The World Air Games are over for five of the 11 teams, unless the host decides to include the Qatar Tigers, who compete as a guest team at the World Air Games. Dubai Asaar's Black team would be the next in line to continue with Round 9. Two more teams will be eliminated after Round 9. The... (more)

Did you know that NMP PCH Hayabusa and Arizona Airspeed show great comradery in Dubai?
posted: Dec 10th, 2015 The day started out with light winds, mild temperatures and a great feeling around the DZ that the 4–way Open and 4–way Women's events would get several jumps done, and the pace was steady until around 2 PM, when the winds kicked up and the meet went on a weather hold. In the 4–way Open event the meet seems to be a test of who will blink first, with the Americans (Arizona Airspeed) and the Belgian team (NMP Pch HayaBusa) tied through Round 5. The skydiving is fast paced and nearly flawless. In addition to a displaying their abilities in the air, the comradery between these two teams... (more)

Did you know that Chris Talbert expects another high score in Round 9?
posted: Dec 9th, 2015 So we finally got to see some action today, but only in 8–way and 4–way VFS. The Open and Women's 4–way teams were off today, but have an early call tomorrow, and hopefully the meet will get back on track after two days lost to weather. In 8–way, there are no real surprises. The US 8–way team did prove my statement The US 8 – way team did prove my statement "world record is going to be tough to come by without one of the following blocks; one, three, four, fifteen or sixteen" absolutely wrong by breaking their own world record of 32 with a 33 on Round 2. Well done guys!! The Americans... (more)

Did you know that Chris Talbert won his 8-way money?
posted: Dec 9th, 2015 The 8-way and 4-way VFS teams are in full competition swing at the World Air Games 2015 and are catching up after the two weather days. The 8-way teams had their special Round 2, where a sequence of five random formations (F,L,B,G,P) would offer (or not...) a world record opportunity, as Chris Talbert predicted earlier: "Random work in 8–way can be as sensitive as razor burn, and this jump will absolutely require the best each team has to collectively offer. Because I am writing this and you are reading this, you get to hear my prediction. My money is on Kurt Isenbarger and Sean Sweeny... (more)

Did you know that France has a different 8-way lineup at the World Air Games?
posted: Dec 8th, 2015 Monday was supposed to be the first day of 8-way and 4-way VFS competition at the World Air Games 2015. However, bad weather kept the Formation Skydiving teams on the ground, and the situation was the same on Tuesday. There are no scores posted yet in these two categories, and the teams will try again on Wednesday. The weather break allows the Sun Path Products NSL News to go back to the Clash of Champions and the aftermath of the 8-way indoor competition, which will be a preview of the outdoor competition at the same time. The Golden Knights had no serious competition at Inflight Dubai and... (more)

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