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Did you know that DNR's original lineup took back the unofficial US amateur title this year?
posted: Dec 22nd, 2014 The performance of the best unofficial amateur teams in the world has been a topic for the Sun Path Products NSL News for several years. Thunder ISR took the top position in the world a few years ago and has defended it successfully year by year. The story in the USA began with Mass Defiance who won the USPA Advanced Class gold medals in 2005, moved up into the Open Class and continued to improve the scoring average year by year without changing into a full time team. Brian Stephens, James Rees, John Silva and Ben Liston, with Steve "Scuba" Feldman on camera eventually posted a 19.3 average... (more)

Did you know that there are many different engineering options and continuity plans?
posted: Dec 21st, 2014 The first reactions to the discussion of the Block 10 proposal came quickly, and there is not much support for the change yet. There are many 4-way competitors who simply like the challenging Block 10 technique, even if there is more to do for the rear piece than for center outside and point. The front piece has usually the more entertaining moves and gets more than enough compensation for less work at the current Block 10. However, there are also people who are looking at the bigger picture and question the... (more)

Did you know that Block 10 (Diamond - Bunyip) might change into Diamond - Diamond?
posted: Dec 20th, 2014 The current 4-way dive pool has remained untouched by the officials for years by now, with only a few minor changes, which speaks for the integrity of the system in general. The combination of 22 blocks and 16 random formations is obviously interesting and challenging enough for all 4-way teams. However, John Petersen of the Danish national 4-way team VAF Warriors has detected a potential flaw in the dive pool, and his reasoning seems to make a lot of sense from his perspective. He is not out to invent and introduce any new moves, as the current dive pool offers more than enough variations and... (more)

Did you know that iFLY Orlando added five Indoor Cloud League points to the December total?
posted: Dec 20th, 2014 The Florida group of the Indoor Cloud League had work to do in the AAA and AA categories when they came back together at iFLY Orlando last Thursday. The Hurricane Factory is usually dominating those two competition classes with the well trained Bad Boys, the Czech national 4-way team. Once in a while, other lineups have outscored the Bad Boys this year, like SkyVenture Montreal's (Richard, Valerie, Yannick Bisson, Ben Lemay) and iFLY Dallas' (Amanda Lampton, Todd Hawkins, Scott Levy, Lucas King) AAA Class lineups in November, or iFLY SF Bay's... (more)

Did you know that M4trix have double duties for the next two years?
posted: Dec 18th, 2014 It is time to go back to the 4-way thriller between M4trix and Creeps for the 2nd place in the AAA Class at the ISR Grand Prix 2014. Both teams, M4trix for the Netherlands and Creeps for Belgium, gave each other a 10-round battle, which ended with a 1-point advantage for the 4-way lineup of M8trix. The 22.1 average for Creeps was the team's highest indoor average by far. Creeps has attended indoor competitions since 2012, and it was the first time that the team broke through the 20-average level. The M4trix lineup... (more)

Did you know that Natasha Montgomery and Sven Ibens have something in common?
posted: Dec 17th, 2014 Today's Sun Path Products NSL News update includes a different leaderboard compared to the usual ones. The Christmas holidays are approaching, and it is the right time to thank the supporters of the National Skydiving League and SKYLEAGUE.COM project. It is not only the support of the sponsors and the advertisers who keep the National Skydiving League and SKYLEAGUE.COM alive. Many of the leagues, teams and competitors are also helping by contributing small shares of registration fees and other revenues for the operational costs at the NSL headquarters in DeLand. Then there are also the NSL... (more)

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