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Did you know that JaNette Lefkowitz posted a 29.9 average in Singapore 2012?
posted: Oct 11th, 2014 The story of the highest 4-way meet average posted by a female 4-way competitor is not over yet, and it has become even more interesting. The Sun Path Products NSL News found Christy Frikken as the winner after studying the archives, as the story on 9 October 2014 explained. Arizona Airspeed's former point Eliana Rodriguez was the favorite in the poll results, and Katie Woods was in 2nd place. Christy Frikken turned out to be a surprise for the audience. The Sun Path Products NSL News had not even found the most valuable... (more)

Did you know that Italy has the 3rd largest delegation for the ISR Grand Prix 2014?
posted: Oct 10th, 2014 It has not even been two weeks that the Sun Path Products NSL News brought the ISR Grand Prix 2014 to the attention of the audience on 2 October 2014, and the number of registered teams has gone up from 45 to 51. There is no doubt that the hosting wind tunnel in Roosendaal will once again have record participation this year. The previous update presented the teams that are coming back this year after also competing at the ISR Grand Prix 2013. Many... (more)

Did you know that Christy Frikken is the correct answer?
posted: Oct 9th, 2014 The correct answer to the recent poll question was not that easy to find, as the relevant event took place almost five years ago. It required good knowledge of the SKYLEAGUE.COM archives to find the correct answer, unless somebody was a live witness at the World Challenge 2010. Even Katie Woods' 28.0 average with Evolution at the World Challenge 2013 was not enough to be on the very top of the scoring list of female 4-way competitors in history. The highest 10-round meet average with the whole dive pool... (more)

Did you know that Katie Woods and Julia Foxwell still own the highest meet average of British female 4-way competitors?
posted: Oct 8th, 2014 The recent aftermath of the Bodyflight Revenge now features the competition videos of the two top teams in the AAA Class competition, Full Stop XL and Voodoo, provided by InTime. The Sun Path Products NSL News explained yesterday how four of the five top teams are expected to be involved again next year when they will compete for the right to represent Great Britain at the World Meet 2016 in the USA. The event and the results also created a special... (more)

Did you know that Vision 99 has finalized new plans for the 2015 season?
posted: Oct 7th, 2014 The recent scores at the Bodyflight Revenge provided a review of the British 4-way competition this year, as the Sun Path Products explained on 5 October 2014. However, there is more behind the results than only a review of the 2014 season. The top of the leaderboard also provides an idea of how exciting the next year will most likely be in the United Kingdom. The UK Nationals 2015 are the qualification event for the World Meet 2016 in the USA, and... (more)

Did you know that the front pieces have the AAA Class slot switchers this month?
posted: Oct 6th, 2014 The Florida Indoor Cloud League group at iFLY Orlando was once again the first one to post scores and videos for the new October sequences. The September leaderboard is not complete yet, as the videos from SkyVenture Montreal still need to be added to the scoring numbers. It has always been interesting to see who was in the Canadian lineups, as 4-way celebrities like Katie Woods (Evolution) and shooting stars like Valerie Bisson (Fuzion) have joined the Indoor Cloud League events here and there. Richard Bisson reported from Canada that... (more)

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