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Did you know that Christy Frikken and Sarah Smith turned an old table last weekend?
posted: Jun 15th, 2015 The teams from California treated each other very friendly last weekend. They kindly staid away from each other and avoided any confrontation in all four competition categories. The Northern California Skydiving League competed only in the A and Rookie Class, while the teams of the Southern California Skydiving League filled the leaderboard with scores in the AAA and AA Class. Yvonne "Yo" Owyeong reported a successful event from Perris: "We had a great Saturday and the weather was awesome. Everything went smoothly, the clouds broke early, and it was a beautiful day, light winds and all smiles.... (more)

Did you know that the 8-way battle of 2012 will have a repetition next year?
posted: Jun 14th, 2015 The 8-way fans in Formation Skydiving competition were probably excited when they heard that France is coming back with the best 8-way lineup that national coach Jeremie Rollett has to offer at the moment to challenge the Golden Knights for the next FAI gold medals. The French lineup is identical with the one that posted the highest French 8-way average in history at the Mondial Dubai 2012. It became even more promising for the 8-way competition in 2015/2016 when the Golden Knights managed to bring back Larry Miller into the active lineup after he had officially retired with two gold medals... (more)

Did you know that Evolution is the winner of the "4-way Elite Club" poll question?
posted: Jun 14th, 2015 It was to be expected that the world's two current top contenders, NMP-PCH Hayabusa and Arizona Airspeed, would be in the mix for the answer to the current poll question: "Which team was the last one posting only 20-pointers and higher at a 10-round outdoor competition?" It is also not a big surprise that the bronze medalist at the last world meet and winner of the 5th Dubai International Parachuting Championship, Evolution from Canada, would get their votes. Other than that, the SKYLEAGUE.COM audience quickly filtered out the serious contenders of the five options. France is on top of the... (more)

Did you know that the "4-way Elite Club" is looking for new members?
posted: Jun 12th, 2015 The Sun Path Products NSL News switches back to outdoor competition before the 4-way teams in Southern and Northern California will post scores this weekend. There is an interesting topic that has not been given much attention recently. Today's update begins with a quiz question for the 4-way experts: "Which team was the last one posting only 20-pointers and higher at a 10-round outdoor competition?" Of course, the question includes naturally when and where it happened the last time. It was a topic that was covered on a regular basis at a time when it was impressive to see how the best teams... (more)

Did you know that NMP-PCH Hayabusa looks back at an impressive World Challenge decade?
posted: Jun 11th, 2015 The Sun Path Products NSL News story on February 12th was a preview of the World Challenge 2015 and included the coverage of a very special anniversary, which eventually materialized at the event. It was not only the 10-year anniversary of the World Challenge that was celebrated this year. The same story explained that there were also two competitors who have attended each World Challenge since the inaugural event in 2006, NMP-PCH Hayabusa members David and Andy Grauwels. Reigning Hayabusa world champion Roy Janssen, who is also one of the original team members, did not compete this year... (more)

Did you know that the Golden Knights had a clear message on Saturday at the World Challenge?
posted: Jun 10th, 2015 There is still video footage that was recorded at the World Challenge 2015 and has not received attention by the Sun Path Products NSL News yet. Now it is time to review a few clips that feature the Golden Knights. The first one was recorded live when the US Army team came out of the flying chamber after completing Round 2, shortly after the two French Girls had posted a 20-pointer with Weembi Lille. The Golden Knights said that they did not have the time to watch the team with two of their opponents in 4-way Women, as the turnaround time from round to round was quite fast. The Golden Knights... (more)

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