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Did you know that No Mercy and Flyspot Chicks from Poland combined for the 4th place?
posted: Apr 29th, 2015 The A Class is a very popular and competitive category at the World Challenge 2015. The National Skydiving League had introduced two new 4-way categories at the end of the 2001 season to offer more skydivers on the grass root level a better fitting 4-way arena, with dive pools and sequences according to skills and experience level. The addition of A and Rookie Class completed the set of NSL categories for the 2002 season, which is still unchanged. The A Class was in fact the second best attended category at the... (more)

Did you know that Tanay's focus is on 8-way competition?
posted: Apr 28th, 2015 The Sun Path Products NSL News reported on April 14th how the German 8-way team Airbus München plans to defend the national title this year and compete for Germany at the Mondial 2016 in the USA. The German plan is to train with two 4-way teams (Airbus/Remscheid) and add a few 8-way jumps here and there during the synchronized training camps. Airbus München visited Skydive DeLand a few weeks ago for one of the synchronized camps, with the main focus on 4-way training. The Russian 8-way team Tanay came to the same place just a few weeks... (more)

Did you know that Belgium and Great Britain finished tied on top of the delegations' leaderboard?
posted: Apr 27th, 2015 The 5-team delegation of the Czech Republic at the World Challenge 2015 brought up another interesting aspect of the biggest 4-way competition in the world. There were teams from 20 different nations in Bedford, and the Sun Path Products NSL News took a closer look at all delegations. Five countries (Qatar - Tigers, Estonia - Lupus, Mauretaina - Tenanines, South Africa - Jazz Republic, Spain - Lahottia) were represented by one team only, while all other 15 countries had more than one team in Bedford. Of course, the... (more)

Did you know that the Klapka 4-way family is separated in three different teams?
posted: Apr 26th, 2015 The Sun Path Products NSL News has mentioned the name Jan Klapka quite a few times over the years, even though he is not a 4-way world champion or a skydiving celebrity in any other ways. However, he has done incredible things for the sport in his home country, the Czech Republic. First of all, Jan Klapka is a passionate 4-way competitor. His team, the Bad Boys, attended more meets last year than any other team in the world - 14 indoor and outdoor events, plus the Indoor Cloud League events. The 2015 season began even busier than last year.... (more)

Did you know that Florida added 24 points to iFLY Orlando's Indoor Cloud League account?
posted: Apr 25th, 2015 Florida's Indoor Cloud League team came back together at iFLY Orlando last Thursday to work on the six sequences for the month of April. Result of the ICL night was the addition of 24 points to the iFLY Orlando account. Four different lineups took on the six sequences and had once again an internal competition, as well. Three of the lineups actually performed the same three sequences (AA - A - RRR) that night, and there was a good race in those categories for the internal upper hand. DeLand Momentum was back after performing at the previous... (more)

Did you know that NSL-TV goes back to the 8-way competition at Paraclete?
posted: Apr 24th, 2015 There are still stories and footage of the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2015 that have not been used for updates yet. No events were scheduled for this week, and it offers an opportunity for the Sun Path Products NSL News to catch up. An earlier update on March 10th introduced the colorful international lineup of Veloce QRF, the team in 2nd place of the 8-way competition. The update included the video of the team's competition rounds. However, the best 8-way... (more)

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