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Did you know that iFLY Dallas had a full house of coaches in July?
posted: Aug 2nd, 2015 It did not take too long until the Indoor Cloud League leaderboard for July changed once again. SkyVenture Montreal added the latest scores, including a highscore for the RRR Class sequence. The videos for three of the categories are still missing, and there is no Canadian score for the R Class sequence yet. The June winner still has a few days to provide the missing pieces. There is also a new participant from Europe, and the Sun Path Products NSL News will soon follow up with more information. The first score for Indoor Skydive Roosendaal, host of the annual ISR Grand Prix, was posted by... (more)

Did you know that the Indoor Cloud League has produced another new outdoor team in the Northwest?
posted: Aug 1st, 2015 As usual, the Indoor Cloud League leaderboard begins to grow towards the end of the month. There are still scores and videos to come; however, it does not happen very often that the Czech SportFlight team at the Hurricane Factory is only in 3rd place at this point in time. Amanda Lampton with her iFLY Dallas team and Deb Correia with her iFLY Seattle team are currently tied in 1st place. June winner SkyVenture Montreal and iFLY SF Bay have not even added their scores for July yet. Deb Correia said that she held her Indoor Cloud League event on July 21st, with 12 participants and four player... (more)

Did you know that Gryttjom Volo won the 3rd consecutive Swedish 4-way title?
posted: Jul 31st, 2015 Sweden's national championship was completed after all ten rounds, and defending champion Gryttjom Volo did not have too much trouble taking back the lead and extending it to a 9-point victory at the end. Joey Jones' first update from Sweden on Friday had his guest team Fusion surprisingly in 1st place by three points after Round 3. Gryttjom Volo had lost a total of seven points in the first three rounds, most of them due to video angles. The highly experienced Volo competitors, including former Arcteryx member Mattias Nord, were apparently not too impressed, even after losing another three... (more)

Did you know that a Junior team posted Indoor Cloud League scores for the Hurricane Factory?
posted: Jul 31st, 2015 The Indoor Cloud League competition is in its last days for the month of July, and the teams are still collecting their best videos. The leaderboard will very soon fill up with more scores. However, iFLY Orlando and the Czech SportFlight group at the Hurricane Factory posted scores and videos earlier this month, while working on improving the scores at the same time. The Sun Path Products NSL News mentioned earlier that Jan Klapka's Rookie Class teams improve so quickly that they have to move up to the next higher category soon after joining the indoor competition. He is still not running... (more)

Did you know that Joey Jones reports from the Swedish Nationals?
posted: Jul 29th, 2015 Teams in Sweden are in the middle of their national championships this week, and Joey Jones provided information from Gryttjom, home of the Stockholm Skydiving Club. He is once again visiting the Scandinavian country, where his wife Lena was born and raised. Lena Jones competed with Sweden's national team in 4-way Women many years ago. Joey Jones is competing with guest team Fusion and is currently three points ahead of the reigning 4-way champions, Gryttjom Volo, who have won the national championships in 2013 and 2014. Team Fusion has Joey Jones, Keith Riley from New Zealand, former Dutch... (more)

Did you know that NSL-TV features last weekend's AAA Class showdown?
posted: Jul 28th, 2015 Last weekend's leaderboard of the Texas Shootout 2015 is now completely up-to-date. Meet Director Devon Shows, Spaceland Lite member for many years, provided the latest team photos and the lineups of all teams at the meet. There were a few interesting changes. Heart of Texas had Amanda Lampton in the driver's seat, who helped the team to move up to the level of USPA medal contention, as the Sun Path Products NSL News reported on July 25th. Amanda Lampton is familiar with the competitive atmosphere in the battle for USPA medals. She won bronze with Dallas Khaos Black at the USPA Nationals... (more)

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