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Did you know that the AA Class competition had the tightest field at the German Nationals?
posted: Sep 4th, 2015 The grande finale in the 4-way AAA Class competition of the German Nationals 2015 was a drama that the Sun Path Products NSL News will cover later on. However, the battle for the silver medals between FSC Remscheid and AtomiX YUU-Skydive was still not even the most exciting part of the 4-way event. The eight teams in the AA Class created a very unusual and extraordinary leaderboard. All AA Class teams were very competitive and close to each other, so close that only one of the eight teams finished without a highscore for a round. Round 8 was the highlight of this special field of teams, when... (more)

Did you know that iFLY Seattle added a new Rookie Class project to the Indoor Cloud League activities?
posted: Sep 4th, 2015 The German Nationals 2015 have naturally received the main attention for a few days, before it will turn to the FAI World Cup 2015 on the upcoming weekend. However, other updates have been posted in the meantime, and the Indoor Cloud League leaderboard for the month of August is almost complete. Deb Correia reported from the Northwest that iFLY Seattle held two events this month: "The first was a 2:2 skills camp focused on bringing in some newer fliers for the Rookie Class categories. We had eight participants and eight coaches. Each person got two sessions of 1:1 coaching to start, and then... (more)

Did you know that NeVa FSZ Saar's 8-year recipe is great team dynamics?
posted: Sep 3rd, 2015 Today's live update from the German Nationals 2015 features one of the teams that did not finish in the medal rankings. In fact, Neva FSZ Saar, one of the several home teams in Saarlouis, finished in the most undesirable position - right behind the medal winners. It did not bother the NeVa members at all though, as they did not expect to be in the medal positions. A 5th place was the team's best finish at national championships so far, which happened at last year's event, after two 6th places in 2012 and 2013. This year's 4th place is the best result and also came together with the best meet... (more)

Did you know that It is a technically challenging competition draw in Germany?
posted: Sep 2nd, 2015 Solly Williams and Luc Verstrepen wrapped up the second meet day at the German Nationals 2015 with a summary of the 4-way action and a new COACHES CORNER video clip. National team Airbus Illertissen picked up the pace at the faster sequences after Round 3, while FSC Remscheid's 4-way veterans were hoping to begin catching up with AtomiX, a young 4-way team of a newer generation in Germany. It did not happen, and AtomiX eventually extended the lead in the battle for the silver medals to six points. Both teams completed approx. 200 training jumps this year, AtomiX with coach Luc Verstrepen... (more)

Did you know that Tuesday's updates are bad news for the sport?
posted: Sep 2nd, 2015 The next NSL TV Reality clip live from the German Nationals 2015 is including bad and sad news, which are not directly related to the event at FSZ Saar. In fact, only Golden Knights coach Solly Williams is directly effected by the latest FAI World Cup 2015 update. The Golden Knights will not compete in Teuge next week, neither in 4-way Women nor in 8-way. The Sun Path Products NSL News was on a DZ Tour this morning and captured different scenes after the morning fog was eventually blown and burned away and the competition continued. Solly Williams had a few minutes to explain that he was... (more)

Did you know that the German Nationals promise exciting competition after Round 1?
posted: Sep 1st, 2015 The Sun Path Products NSL News is moving operations to Europe for two weeks. The German Nationals 2015 at FSZ Saar are the first part of the 2-stop trip, followed by the FAI World Cup 2015 in Teuge, Netherlands. There are several other people with the same travel agenda. AtomiX is the one and only German 4-way team with enough energy to attend the two meets following each other without a break. AtomiX is first trying to challenge FSC Remscheid for the German silver medals and had a promising start. Both teams are tied in 2nd place after Round 1, three points behind Airbus Illertissen, the German... (more)

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